Supporting the Tiaki Promise

At Marlborough Wine Tours we strongly support the principles of the Tiaki Promise.  We want to do everything we can as people living and working in New Zealand, and to support our visitors in ensuring that the longevity of this beautiful nation is preserved for future generations.


We are wanting to be as sustainable as possible so we have decided to offset the carbon emissions from our tours by donating money for plants and work on the Grovetown Lagoon Restoration Project.

The Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon Restoration Project (Te Whanau Hou means ‘new family’) is a community project connecting all sorts of people working steadily to restore a very special freshwater wetland so everyone can enjoy a shady rest, walk, picnic, kayak and relish the serenity of this sanctuary (and the hundreds of birds that live there!). We think this is a great intiative that will really enhance Marlborough with native plantings and restoring the waterway that as locals and tourists we all want to enjoy for generations to come.

Grovetown is a small township just off SH1 as you travel from Blenheim to Picton.  If you enjoy walking and nature it’s well worth a stop.


As responsible business owners we believe it is important to support local charities and events in our region.  We have provided donations or tour vouchers to many oranisations over the last few years including Fostering Kids NZ and the Going Bananas show for children with brain injuries.  We continue to support any local charities that we can.


The native people of New Zealand are the Maori and they have a traditional value called Manaakitanga – this loosely translate to mean ‘hospitality’.  This is a practice which is unique to New Zealand and New Zealanders are known around the world for our wonderful hospitality of guests – we naturally love meeting new people and want to share stories and kind with them.

At Marlborough Wine Tours our team are natural hosts and that is why they form such a great team for us, and why our guests love coming out on tour with us.  We respect all our visitors and are keen to not only share our stories but to hear their stories as well.  Our guides often go out of their way to ensure that our guests have a great time not only whilst on tour with us, but while visiting our region and New Zealand.  They are always happy to share little secrets of the best places to eat and travel whilst you are here in New Zealand