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Our favourite Marlborough Cellar Doors

Marlborough Cellar Doors are diverse and plentiful, and of course we love them all, but definitely have a few new favourites this season.

Depending on what part of the world you are from you may call wine tasting rooms by many different names.   Our American friends often refer to wine country tours and going to wineries but in Marlborough there is a diverse range of wine tasting options.  Some of our wine tasting tour options are literally at the cellar door, while others have a tasting room near or close to the winery.  And then there are others again that have a tasting room set up away from the Vineyard or winery, such as at the Vines Village which is a tourist village in the heart of the Marlborough Wine Region.  In case you don’t know, the Marlborough wine region is the premiere wine region of New Zealand; of the 7 wine regions Marlborough it is the largest by far.

We have over 30 cellar doors available to visit that are either open to the public or available to visit with tour operators in the region, and we are lucky to have a couple of new little gems availabile to us to visit this season.  We absolutely love all of the cellar doors in Marlborough and they all offer something different in terms of there astethics and character and of course great wine.  On our tours we like to take you on a journey and visit everything from the smallest little single vineyard producing there own wine label – Gibson Bridge, to the large corporate style like Cloudy Bay or Brancott.  And of course we have a range within featuring local families in the boutique style size.

This season we are really enjoying visiting Misty Cove Wines – they have always been a little different and have a young funky vibe – but of course they do take their wine seriously; they just like to have fun while they are doing it.  Our visits here are amazing as they are right in the heart of the wine country vineyard and have the Marlborough mountains in the background.  A beautiful stop on any day but over summer it’s going to be just magic.  Katie is a fun and vibrant cellar door host and she loves telling everyone all about Misty Cove Wines, she even spent a year in the Netherlands as their brand ambassabor.



Our private tours often visit Gibson Bridge which is a small boutique tasting room in Marlborough.  Howard and Julie are the smallest vineyard producing a wine label in Marlborough, so their story is quite unique and so are they!  Our American guests love visiting here and often tell me the Howard should be ‘bottled’!  They specialise in producing Pinot Gris but now do a couple of other small lines of Chardonnay and a Red Blend as well.  It’s well worth the visit for the entertainment factor, but they have some really fantastic Pinot Gris as well.



Our most requested winery visit is Cloudy Bay – of course they are world famous and people love to visit their cellar door even if it just to take a photo!  We don’t visit everyday as we like our guests to try other Marlborough Wines so they can really get a feel for the variety on offer in Marlborough, but we do go there on request of course.



Our other real new favourite this season is Jacksons Estate.  Their wine has just won a whole swag of awards and our guests are really loving their Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.  Leonie the Cellar Door Manager does an amazing job of making all our wine tastings friendly, fun and informative.  We have also been really lucky to get out in the winery when they head winemaker Matt is there to have a look behind the scenes.




So if you are in Marlborough we recommend you join us on one of our wine tasting tours, whether it’s a half day wine tour or a full day wine tour, we will get you to places you can’t go yourself and ensure you expereience the best of what the Marlborough cellar doors have to offer.















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