Tour Guide

Keith joined our team in 2018. He hails from Scotland originally but is married to a local Marlborough lady and has settled here in Blenheim. He and his partner Georgina own Nutt Ranch - you will often see them selling their hazelnut products at the local farmers market, and also recently put in a vineyard on their property and had their first harvest.

Keith's favourite white wine obviously has to be Framingham 2019 Sauvignon Blanc and not just because it has grapes from his first harvest in it, but because it’s a great example of the regions flagship variety. His favourite red wine would be a Georgian Saperavi. He found this one whilst touring Europe with his partner, Georgina in a Honda Stepwagn campervan. Very interesting history about Georgian wine as well for anyone who wants to do a bit of research.  Keith is about to plant 50 Saperavi vines this winter to see if he can make some of his own.



"For our first trip to NZ, we only pre-booked four things, and we’re really glad that we chose this tour as our Marlborough one. The guide (Keith) was knowledgeable (bringing in family anecdotes into the chat helped to put things into perspective) and managed to bring humour into all aspects of the tour. Keith and the four well-chosen cellar doors really made the afternoon zoom by. Recommended."