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Marlborough Wine Tasting Tours still going strong!

Wine Tasting Tours in 2020

2020 has been quite a year for wine tasting tours and we are only half way through!  From the highs of February where we had up to 7 vehicles on the road some days to the lows of not being able to operate during the Covid 19 Level 3 & 4 lockdown.  We can’t quite believe the ups and downs we have expereienced here at Marlborough Wine Tours.

But the great news is we are still here and going strong with our Marlborough wine region tours – predominantly they are Blenheim Wine Tours but we are starting to get a few more visitors into Picton now so have wine tasting tours departing from Picton as well.

A few funnies from the Covid files

The funniest booking we have had just recently was from an American lady who booked our tour for 10 people!  We couldn’t believe our luck especially as it was not long after we were out of the lockdown, but then I noticed her hotel in Picton wasn’t one I have heard of before.  It was then that I realised she had booked a Picton Wine Tour in Marlborough New Zealand. What she really meant to book was a Picton Wine Tour in Ontario Canada!  This has happened once before but still it’s pretty funny when it does happen.  I guess this is also why we refer to Marlborough Wine Tours rather than using Blenheim or Picton as the descriptor, Marlborough is world famous for it’s wine.

Our Marlborough Wine Tours Team

On a personal note, with the future of international tourism very uncertain Dean has temporarily returned to a full time role in the Royal New Zealand Navy.  He isDean-in-Auckland-NZ currently managing one of the Managed Isolation facilities in at the border in Auckland.  Dean is enjoying the change of scenery at the moment as it’s a very challenging role. We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to have some of the best jobs you could every imagine.  Military life and Wine Tour Guide – quite a difference but really putting those people skills to the forefront of life.

Back here in Marlborough our team are still here and taking people on tour. Predominantly Phil , Nic  and I (Jess) are getting out on the road for wine tasting tours showing kiwis our world reknowned Marlborough Wine Region.  How times have changed, over the last year we took people on tour from over 30 different countries, but only 20 kiwis in the whole year!  Kiwi’s weren’t even half a percent of our business!  Now in June alone we have taken more kiwis than for the whole previous year.

It’s great to be able to introduce our domestic tourists to the attractions that New Zealands best wine region has to offer as a lot of kiwis don’t know or haven’t experienced what’s in their own backyard.  It is always enlightening the knowledge our international visitors have about Marlborough wine – I guess we tend to always hold things in higher revere when they aren’t at our doorstep.

What’s happening in Marlborough?

As always the weather in Marlborough continues to be an asset.  Cold frosty nights lead to some beautiful sunny but cool days and it’s great to get people out to visit the Marlborough vineyards and cellar doors for a wine tasting tour.  A wine tasting in front of a nice warm fire is a delight and leads to a lovely relaxed wine tasting tour.   It’s also rewarding to have not just international but kiwi tourists telling us we have the best wine tours in New Zealand.  Being in the largest wine region in New Zealand helps give us a wealth of choice when deciding where to do our wine tasting on each tour.

Lastly, we are sending our best wishes to all our friends overseas who are just waiting to come and do the Marlborough Wine Tour that they have had booked for up to a year in advance.  We really hope that there can be some kind of resolution to this Covid situation in the not too distant future.  And don’t forget you can still order Marlbrough New Zealand wine to try from any of our Marlborough wineries if you can’t get it at your local wine store – it’s still all here waiting for you to try!

 Beautiful Marlborough Wine Region

Just to get you in the mood here’s a few photo’s of our beautiful wine region.



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