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What to expect on a Marlborough Small Group Wine Tour

Getting the best of a Marlborough Small Group Wine Tour

You’ve read the reviews on line for Marlborough Wine Tours  and often read that we are the best wine tour in Marlborough, but you are still wondering what to expect on a Marlborough Small Group Wine Tour.  This blog post is designed to tell you a little bit more about how our tours run.

Marlborough is the largest wine region in New Zealand – so we have plenty to offer with over 30 cellar doors to visit on a daily basis.   Or tours generally appeal to the over 30’s who want to have an informative yet fun filled day out in the wine country – our tour guides are really tuned in to ensuring this happens.

Our All Day marHarvester-Machine-in-the-Marlborough-Wine-Countrylborough wine tour departs from Picton of Blenheim – occasionally we have guests from Havelock, but we transfer them seperately to meet the tour as we can’t do every location in one day.  It’s very important to us to ensure a good customer experience and the best way to start the day is to reduce the amount of time our guests spend doing pick ups and drops offs.  After all the focus of the day is wine tasting in our fabulous Marlborough wine region.  Our tours usually have 10 guests on them ( occasionally 11 as we don’t want our singles to miss out!) We are able to cater for larger groups by pre-arrangement.

We structure the day to visit 6 cellar doors – we think this is more than enough and I think our guests agree.  Visiting six cellar doors in marlborough will give you a great selection of wines to try and show you some of our beautiful wine country scenery.  This allows about 45-60 minutes at each stop with a longer break for lunch of about 1.5 hours.  The day usually flows quite nicely and you shouldn’t feel rushed.  You will have time to look around the cellar doors, wonder in a vineyard or two and plenty of photo opportunities, which our guides are more than happy to help you with.  During the busy summer season we have to prebook our stops to

Lunch-in-the-vinesensure we deconflict with other large groups in the region, but if you let us know at the time of booking we do take requests and we will add that to the wish list for the day.  We try and arrange the day to visit a range of cellar doors, from the large showy corporate ones to the small family run businesses.  This gives you a real display of the different approaches that are taken to making and marketing wine in the Marlborough wine region.

At each cellar door you have the opportunity to sample at least 4 wines from the days tasting range.  Your host at each cellar door will be talking you through the particular wine and giving you a history of the cellar door’s brand.  This is a great opportunity to find out about the history and families involved in marlborough wine.  Your tour host will be with you throughout the day assisting to ensure you get the best service and wine tastings available.  Feel free to ask your host any questions you like – there are no silly questions, it’s a great time to expand your knowledge or learn something new.

Of course there is more to a wine tour than just wine tasting.  We will take you in to the vineyards and teach you a little about the work that goes on at the time of year you are visiting, and we will point out items of interest as we are travelling throughout the day.  Our tour guides love telling you about the Marlborough wine region, and everything they know about winemaking in the region, and of course they love to have fun.  We sincerely hopeFun-in-the-sun-marlborough-samll-group-wine-tours that at the end of a day out with Marlborough Wine Tours you will be able to make some new friends, gain some knowledge of our region and have some fabulous photos and memories to take away with you.


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