Experience the Beauty of Picton with Wine Tours Ideal for Your Group

The Marlborough region is home to some of New Zealand’s top wineries, and we’ve created a series of Picton wine tours that showcase the best of the area. We’ve carefully designed our tours to highlight the finest wine selection from Picton vintners. We include options for your group to enjoy a cruise ship or a shore excursion to add natural beauty to the exceptional wine selection that you’ll experience.


Why You Should Book One of Our Wine Tours in Picton

There are few experiences as enjoyable and stimulating as a tour through beautiful Picton and its wineries. Consider the benefits of selecting one of our Picton wine tours packages:

  • With more than 20 years of experience, we’ve developed a keen sense of how to get the most out of a wine tasting in Picton. Our guides carefully prepare each tour to feature exceptional wines from the area’s finest vintners. Explore the tastes of Picton and find the perfect pairings to bring out even the most subtle notes in each vintage.
  • We’ve added tremendous variety to our tours. For example, you can book cruise ship wine tours from Picton, NZ and combine natural beauty with delicious wine. See the growing regions near the coast as you enjoy the sea breeze with your loved ones.
  • Give your friends and family the perfect gift with access to one of our tours. You can book a gift voucher on their behalf by placing the order directly with us; we’ll simply need to know which tour, the number of people that it’s for, and their names. Once you’ve secured the voucher for them, they can call us at any time to schedule a date.
  • You can get a sneak peek at what these tours include by visiting our tour gallery. Join the thousands of people who have taken these tours and experienced the beauty of Picton and its vineyards’ high-quality wines.


We want you to feel comfortable and invigorated as you enjoy a high-end winery tour with Marlborough Wine Tours. Each tour is certain to be a trip that you’ll remember for years to come.

What You Can Expect from Marlborough Wine Tours Regarding Picton Wineries

The team at Marlborough Wine Tours believes that our guests should have clear expectations when they join us for a tour. When you book with us, you can always count on the following.

  • Flexibility – With every tour, your group can choose how long it lasts and where you’d like to go. Our group tours include half-day cruise tours, full-day tours, and a shore excursion. If you’d like a more intimate setting for your group, you can book a private tour with one of our expert guides.
  • Convenience – Frequently, when people visit the area, they don’t want to spend all day driving or seeking public transportation. To simplify your transit needs and relieve some stress, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the tour’s starting location. We’ll even meet you at your Airbnb and pick you up if we have advanced notice to schedule the pickup.
  • Security – While we take every precaution while assembling these tours, we know that there may be times when the weather doesn’t cooperate or minor complications arise. We are prepared to work around any obstacle, and if natural circumstances interrupt our tour plans, you can always count on us to communicate fully with you regarding your options.
  • Tiaki Promise – We love New Zealand and cherish the opportunity to both live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world. To show our respect for the country and our commitment to its wellbeing, we’ve taken the Tiaki Promise. Together, we can preserve New Zealand and ensure that it continues to be a jewel of natural and cultural beauty for future generations to enjoy.

Why Trust Marlborough Wine Tours Regarding Wineries in Picton, New Zealand?

We’re proud to offer unique tours in partnership with local cruise lines and vineyards. As a family-run business, we offer an indulgent, educational, and memorable time for everyone who joins our tours.

During our decades of experience, we’ve learned that the most important thing is to maintain a high-quality tour experience. Instead of juggling concurrent tours in which guests get lost in the shuffle,  we ensure that each guest receives personal attention from enthusiastic guides who are eager to answer questions. Contact us today to book your tour and make your next holiday one to remember.