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Explore New Zealand Wine with Our Blenheim Wine Tours

If you are looking for the perfect way to explore and experience the wonder of New Zealand wine, Marlborough Wine Tours—and specifically our Blenheim wine tours—is the ideal starting point. While New Zealand has several top-tier wine destinations, Blenheim may be the greatest. Not so long ago, land in this area was relatively inexpensive. Today, vines occupy just about every last centimetre of land surrounding the town of Blenheim. For white wine enthusiasts, it’s Blenheim’s sauvignon blanc that is worth a long-distance journey to get here. For the red wine aficionados, this region is known as a producer of world-class pinot noir. Add the remarkable sights and sounds of the area, and you will surely never forget your first wine tasting in Blenheim.


What You Can Expect from Marlborough Wine Tours Regarding Wine Tours and Wine Tasting in Blenheim

When it comes to scheduling wine tours in Blenheim NZ, you might wonder what makes Marlborough Wine Tours the right tour guide for your experience. Here are just a few superlatives you can expect from us and our tastings:

  • You will learn a thing or two. Established in 1999, our company is one of the original wine tour companies in the area. We know a lot about the region, its wineries and its wine, and we love sharing that knowledge with our guests.
  • You will have fun. While we believe a wine tasting should always have an educational component, we also know that many people making the trek to the Blenheim wine trail are doing so as part of a leisurely vacation or celebratory activity. Our tour guides go out of their way to make sure every person has a great time.
  • You will be safe. Logistically, one of the big reasons to arrange a proper winery tour in Blenheim—rather than visiting the wineries on your own—is to avoid getting behind the wheel. We make sure your entire experience is as safe as it is enjoyable. Our company complies with every New Zealand transport and tourism regulation, from driver endorsements for our tour guides to transport licensing. You can trust us to get you safely from point A to point B and back again.


About the Professionals at Marlborough Wine Tours

We may be one of the oldest and longest-running tour companies for Blenheim, New Zealand wineries, but even more than our experience and our knowledge, our people set us apart. You can learn about our guides on our ‘About Us’ page, but here are just a few of the things we love about them:

  • They bring much collective knowledge to the table. Our guides come from a variety of different backgrounds, ranging from wine to hospitality. Some are long-time locals and know the area better than anyone. Others know just how to make groups feel comfortable and at ease during a tour. No matter which guide you have for your wine tours from Blenheim, we think you’ll love spending time with them.
  • They are there to serve you. Whether you need to be fetched from an Airbnb or want to linger longer at one winery than another, our tour guides are flexible and allow each group to set the pace for the tour. Especially if you decide to go the private tour route, your guide will work to accommodate your every request.
  • They aren’t wine snobs. Nothing ruins a lovely wine tasting in Blenheim as quickly as a holier-than-thou know-it-all. That’s not who our guides are. They love wine and know a lot about it but aren’t picky and definitely won’t look down on any guest for having less wine knowledge than another. Our tours are a safe, fun environment to enjoy what you like without judgment.


Why Use Marlborough Wine Tours on Your Next Vacation

Blenheim wine tours are a must for any wine enthusiast. This region is not only incredibly beautiful but is also one of the best wine regions in the world—even if it doesn’t receive as many mentions as Bordeaux in France or Piedmont in Italy. As the original wine tour company in the area, Marlborough Wine Tours is the perfect guide to the region and everything it has to offer, wine-wise. Contact us today to schedule your tour.