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Most of the year we don’t have preset schedules so we can change our visits to the tastes of our clients.  If you are visiting on a cruise ship day or through Jan/Feb this is a little harder as we need to pre book our visits.  If you have places you really want to go please let us know on your booking form or prior to the day of the tour so we can work it into the daily plan.  We do our best to customise our tours on the day.

The minimum number to run a tour is 2 people.  So the first booking needs to be for 2 people and after that the website should allow bookings for 1 passenger.  If the website won’t let you book, get in touch with us as we may have other options available or be able to confirm we can manage your booking for just one person as if we already have another tour running we may be able to transfer you.

When you book a tour you have the option of being picked up at a location such as an I Site (information site at Picton, Blenheim of Havelock) or your accommodation.  To make it easier we have listed a lot of motels that we generally pick up from, but if your accommodation isn’t listed you can type it in at the check out and we will pick you up there.  All central town pick ups are free – but if you are outside of the usual route we may charge a small pick up fee and have to arrange a pick up time so that we can make the tour work – our aim is to get you to the cellar doors as quick as we can so you aren’t driving all around the place.  Most tour operators charge a surcharge for pick up in Picton, Waikawa and Havelock.  We have recently decided to change from a surcharge on the day to a price inclusive pick up fee to make it easier for both you and our staff.

I’m trying to book a tour for today of early tomorrow and the website won’t let me?
We have cut off times for online bookings.  We may still have availability so give us a call and on +64 3 574 2889 and if we have availability we will do our best to get you on a tour

In the off season when numbers are lower you may be able to take your children on a standard tour however, in the summer when tour bookings are at a premium we won’t be able to have children on the standard tours.  Do drop us a line though as we may be able to arrange a private tour for your group or multiple families as we try and be family friendly.  With younger children we recommend only a half day tour rather than the full day.  The Ultimate Day Out is a family friendly tour.

Yes we can provide you with a gift voucher.  You just need to tell us which tour, how many people and their names, we will provide a gift voucher with a booking code so the tour can be booked by the recipient. The voucher is valid for 12 months – not refundable for cash.  The recipients can contact us when they want to book their tour – we recommend at least a week’s notice so we can get them on the tour and day they want.

The larger cruise ships berth in the commercial port and we cannot enter the port so we pick up at the Picton I Site carpark.  The cruise company provide shuttle buses from the ship to the I Site – which is a 5 minute journey where we will be waiting to pick you up.  If you are on a smaller cruise ship that is berthing close in to the ferry terminal you will be able to ‘follow the blue line’ to the Picton I Site -also a short 5 minute walk.

Over summer our vans are full so we cannot usually take your luggage with you on a group tour, but let us know in advance and we might be able to assist.  There are options to leave your luggage at the Picton or Blenheim I Sites for a couple of dollars, but you need to check the closing time to ensure we can be back there in time to collect your luggage.  If you are a in a group all with luggage, get in touch and we will be able to work out something for you.

We have been running shore excursions for cruise ship passengers for years and know that sometimes things don’t go to plan.  If you ship doesn’t berth in Picton for any reason we will refund you in full.  If your ship does berth but is an hour or two late then of course we will run the tour as best we can so you can enjoy your time in Marlborough.

Yes usually this isn’t a problem – do check the location of your BnB before you book as the site only gives you a general location – some people have found themselves booked into accommodation that is 40mins drive from Blenheim and definitely not in the tour pick up zone.  Our general pick up area is on the main road from Picton to Blenheim and out to Renwick, if you are staying outside of the main route there may be a pick up fee, and we will need to check with us for a more accurate pick up time.

From 1 November to 30 April we are able to meet both ferries as our afternoon tour departs Picton at 1pm- the Bluebridge ferry arrives around 12pm and the Interislander arrives at 12.30, but by the time you get your luggage, or drive off it is close to 1pm.  If you have luggage please make sure we know in advance so we can ensure we have space to carry it – we have a $5 surcharge per suitcase/large backpack.  In Winter our tour usually departs Picton at 12pm, but do get in touch and we might be able to delay our departure time for your date of travel.

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