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Why do a Blenheim Wine Tour with MWT when visiting Marlborough

What’s so great about Blenheim Wine Tours?

Wondering why you should do a Blenheim wine tour with MWT? Your coming to Blenheim and you have never been here before – to be honest if you have been down this way before you have probably driven right past Blenheim and not stopped.  That’s not unusal for many New Zealanders and a lot of tourist brochures also don’t rate Blenheim for more than a brief stop.  There is always a BUT – if you love wine then you must stop in New Zealand’s best wine region.  It’s the biggest  New Zealand wine region and the best.  Proior to Covid we had nearly 30 cellar doors over a fairly accessible area around Blenheim – perfect for a Blenheim Wine Tour. Post Covid and over winter we have a few less but as the wether warms up more cellar doors will reopen to welcome our domestic tourists.

More than just wine tasting near here

In our marketing we refer to our wine tasting tours all the time, but it’s more than just wine tasting.  Our experinced wine tour guides don’t just drive you from one wine tasting to the next.  They are really great at ensuring you have an awesome time with your group, get to know each other, have fun and taste some brilliant wine.  Check out our reviews here for confirmation of why we are ranked as the NO.1 Wine Tour provider in Marlborough on Trip Advisor 

The benefits of touring with MWT?

Whether you know everything about wine or are just starting out on your journey and wanting to learn, our guides will make sure we customise the tour to your knowledge level.  There is a whole lot of science to wine making, but there’s also a lot of art and passion.  We try and mix the two so that you learn, have fun but don’t have to get too serious about the whole scene if you don’t want to.  It’s also great as our clientele are usually interested in having a great day out without getting too silly.

We also have excellent relationships with the cellar doors so we are able to steer the cellar door host to sample wines we think you may enjoy.  As an added bonus we often get the opportunity for you to try special wines, go on behind the scenes tours at no extra cost to you.

Did we mention the gastronomic delights of winery restaurant eating while on a Blenheim Wine Tour with MWT?

Marlborough has some lovely winery restaurants and the food is devine.  We reccomend having your main meal of the day whilst on tour.  Two reasons for this, it helps when wine tasting and second, the food is to die for!  Check our some of the photos of our favourite meals from Saint Clair Vineyard Kitchen, Wairau River Wines Restaurant and Cellar Door, and Wither Hills Winery .


What about buying wine?

A change that has come about due to Covid 19 is that we don’t have an export wine company to handle shipping mixed cases of wine to your home address as they purely manage export wine.  Some of our domestic travellers have been on longer trips and don’t want to carry extra wine with them for the rest of the journey.  You can buy whole cases of wine at a winery and have them shipped – often for free.  But if you are buying a few bottles at each winery that isn’t applicable.  Not to worry we are happy to collect up your wine in a wine box and drop it to the courier for you for a small fee, so now you have an easy option so that you can purchase those cellar door only wines and enjoy them at home!

Lovely Accommodation options for a Blenheim Wine tour with MWT

Your Blenheim Wine Tour starts and ends from your central Blenheim accommodation.  There are plenty of options for accommodation in Blenheim no matter your budget.  Here are a few that we reguarly pick up from at different price points.

171 on High Motel –

St Leonards Vineyard Cottages –

Marlborough Vintners Hotel –

Special Deals for tours in August

We really want to see our domestic tourists exploring their own backyard but we know that the dollar only stretches so far.  So for the month of August we have a speical deal, book 4 for the price of 3.  Why not get a group together, book direct with us, and make the whole experience beneficial for all parties.

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